WoW Resources

World of Warcraft is a pretty massive experience, and that can be pretty daunting to someone wanting to learn more about the game. Here is a short list of informational resources to help you understand more about Blizzard’s smash-hit MMORPG.

The Official World of Warcraft Website

This is my favorite website to visit while researching World of Warcraft early on. It’s pretty basic, but that makes it very straightforward. For information about races, classes, and how to get started, check there. The site also features some lore basics and official forums as well.


A website filled with guides to almost everything World of Warcraft. The layout is pretty busy, but it’s a great resource for a lot of WoW information.


This is probably the best site for researching the lore and story elements of the game.

Icy Veins

This site features a lot of news and guides for World of Warcraft. If you need help figuring out your skill rotation, or other specific things like that, check here.

r/WoW (Reddit page)

Here is a link to the resources page from the World of Warcraft Reddit community. It’s a much more detailed list.