Max Level Get!

I’m pretty excited that I have a level 120 character on World of Warcraft now! It’s the first time for me, and I gotta say now that I’m such a high level, I feel good. I think that it’s the first step towards being able to properly flex in-game, with the other steps being to collect cool achievements, gear, and just more things in general for my characters/account. Sure, 120 looks cool, but 120 on a rare mount looks even cooler. Continue reading “Max Level Get!”

Blog of Destiny 1

Whatcha Doin’ Lately Dark?

Last night was a really fun night in The Club of Destiny, my guild on World of Warcraft. My two friends Cory and Jeff are now officially in and the game has begun!

I originally started with a freshly created Human Demonology Warlock. I power-leveled this character for around eighty hours and got to level 110. This was my first goal: Get to level 110 and then buy Battle for Azeroth, the latest expansion pack. Check and check!

The way that I leveled was one that I have used for a long time: Use the heirloom gear Jeff bought for me in the past to gain extra experience points while doing dungeons. It was quite a bit slower on the Warlock as a DPS class, but in between the dungeon finder queue sessions that randomly places me with four other players (one tank, one healer, and three damage dealers typically) I would do quests in whatever area was recommended for my level. Continue reading “Blog of Destiny 1”

Should You Play World of Warcraft in 2019?

Image from the official World of Warcraft website.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve Googled this question–Should I play WoW in 2019?–or something similar to it at some point. I can’t count the number of times I looked towards the internet for answers to the big question of what game I should be playing right now. I mean, I want to get maximum enjoyment out of my next grind. So I take this shit seriously! And thanks to the internet-at-large I am able to research and be smart about my decision, but what if most of the people answering the question in general aren’t answering it the right way? I’m writing this piece in short because I think that when I Googled the question in…question, I never felt like I had gotten the right answer for me. Continue reading “Should You Play World of Warcraft in 2019?”