Woke Up Early Today

I’ve been playing a lot of World of Warcraft lately, and I am feeling tense in the shoulders as a side-effect. I used to get a lot of pain in my lower back, the lumbar area, I guess, but I developed some better habits to counteract that problem. The shoulders and the neck are a little harder for me to figure out. The lower back problem was solved by having a better diet and adding in some regular exercise, but the upper back/neck issue seems to be caused by too many hours gaming.

I think I’ll learn to deal with the pain because I don’t want to play less World of Warcraft!

On a real note, though, I woke up at 6:00 AM this morning and went swimming. I figured that the circular motion of the different strokes combined with the resistance from the water would help ease some of the tension, and ya know, it did help out. I feel great sitting at my PC typing this post, using the same muscles that are irritated from overuse.

After swimming a few laps and challenging myself on how long I could hold my breath while being dead-ass tired and waking up earlier than usual, I soaked in the hot tub where my wife was waiting for me. We both talked about trying to insert some more out-of-the-house activities into our day, and agreed that it’s easier to force a morning routine into our lives rather than try to create energy at night. I think we made the right choice. Night’s are for relaxing.

After swimming my back feels better. My mind is more clear. I feel like my day has already been fulfilling, and all I did was a few laps and a quick soak on top of my regular routine of waking up, stretching, having some coffee, and hitting the road.

I frequently find myself thinking of all of these things that I want in life, and some materials that I wish I had. I’m shifting that mindset into ensuring that I’m spending my time taking care of myself in ways that I truly enjoy, because life itself doesn’t give me happiness, but it’s there for the taking all around me. Today, I found it at the swimming pool, and tonight, I’ll most likely find some more happiness in my video games!

Take care of yourself.


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