Max Level Get!

I’m pretty excited that I have a level 120 character on World of Warcraft now! It’s the first time for me, and I gotta say now that I’m such a high level, I feel good. I think that it’s the first step towards being able to properly flex in-game, with the other steps being to collect cool achievements, gear, and just more things in general for my characters/account. Sure, 120 looks cool, but 120 on a rare mount looks even cooler.

I subscribed to WoW a month ago, and I had a few goals in mind of what I wanted to do first after beginning the game again. The most obvious goal was to get to the max character level, and now that I’ve done that I’m going to be working on questing and clearing the new playable zones. I’m currently working on Kul Tiras with my eyes on the Zandalar area next.

Kul Tiras has been super fun so far. I really like the maritime feel to it all, and I’m using this expansion as a tool not only to learn the new mechanics of the game, but also as a tool to learn about the intricate lore. I’m studying up on Tiragarde Sound, Drustvar, and Stormsong Valley right now, and going a bit backwards on some of the connected bits of lore to those zones to help make sense of what’s going on. It’s been nice for memory retention to be able to play in the Kul Tiras region casually, then slow down and read up on what I’ve been doing via Wowpedia.

I think that Drustvar has been my favorite Kul Tiras spot so far, because of the witchcraft and dark vibes oozing out of the grim area.

In other news, The Club of Destiny still has five members. I think I’m going to start actively recruiting on Reddit and maybe the official forums, but I’m a little nervous to do that. Recruitment on a game like WoW, at least for me, can be a little daunting. There are a lot of groups out there working on progression on a larger scale than I’m able to do. Realistically, I simply want a social guild that people can befriend others within and do whatever they want. I don’t mind trying out a lot of different aspects of the game, even if I’m no good at that thing (like PvP), if the energy is right. Playing a fun game with fun people is always the biggest goal!

Stay tuned for future updates that maybe, might be written a little better and more thoroughly, kind of.




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