Blog of Destiny 1

Whatcha Doin’ Lately Dark?

Last night was a really fun night in The Club of Destiny, my guild on World of Warcraft. My two friends Cory and Jeff are now officially in and the game has begun!

I originally started with a freshly created Human Demonology Warlock. I power-leveled this character for around eighty hours and got to level 110. This was my first goal: Get to level 110 and then buy Battle for Azeroth, the latest expansion pack. Check and check!

The way that I leveled was one that I have used for a long time: Use the heirloom gear Jeff bought for me in the past to gain extra experience points while doing dungeons. It was quite a bit slower on the Warlock as a DPS class, but in between the dungeon finder queue sessions that randomly places me with four other players (one tank, one healer, and three damage dealers typically) I would do quests in whatever area was recommended for my level.

Another way that I gained experience really quickly was during a pet battle promotion, where if I battled with pets I received double experience (or something like that) and I actually had a good time doing that, too. I gained a few levels by basically playing a Pokemon-style mini-game while waiting for my groups to form up.

If you’re someone that isn’t very well-versed in MMORPG gameplay, I’ll say that there are a handful of ways to level up in these games. You can do questlines and complete story elements, gather and mine materials to work on becoming a crafting expert or in-game financial pro, fight other players and see who has the most LEET skills in player-versus-player combat, or a mixture of all of the things. My preferred method of playing is a social one. That’s why I mostly stick to dungeons and group-oriented gameplay.

So heirloom gear and about eighty hours of PVE (player-versus-environment) gameplay and I’m now over level 110 and enjoying the new content of the game.

I also have four other characters in progress. Even though the Demonology Warlock is my current favorite DPS class, this clashes with the ease-of-access regarding group-play. DPS roles have a harder time finding groups compared to tanks and healers. So to quench my thirst for more of a social setting, I made a few new characters to play around with.

I currently have a Holy Priest (healer), a Protection Paladin (tank), a Mistweaver Monk (healer), my Demonology Warlock, and a newly created Guardian Druid (tank). I think that I’ll use a separate post to talk more about what I like and dislike about leveling each of these classes.

Current Goals

My biggest goal is populating the guild a bit more. I had a hard time finding a strong social group to belong to while in other guilds, so I made my own with a couple of friends. Two cool people have already joined, and that brings us up to five active people in The Club of Destiny. I’ll say this: Five active people being chummy feels a lot better than a thousand people that don’t talk to each other.

Another goal is to continue leveling my characters and preparing for end-game content. I need to learn my chosen classes better, and git gud (get good) as the gamer-fam says. I’ll most likely focus on all characters equally and play whatever one is most convenient to my guild-mates at the time.

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